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Thesaurus and Classification

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ATheoretical and general aspects of LIS
   AA   Library and information science as a field
   AB   Information theory and library theory
   AC   Relationship of LIS with other fields
BInformation use and sociology of information
   BA   Use and impact of information
   BC   Information in society
   BD   Information society
   BE   Information economics
   BF   Information policy
   BG   Information dissemination and diffusion
   BH   Information needs and requirements analysis
   BI   User interfaces, usability
CUsers, literacy and reading
   CA   Use studies
   CB   User studies
   CC   User categories
     \ CCA      User categories, children
     \ CCB      User categories, young people
     \ CCC      User categories, social groups
   CD   User training, promotion, activities, education
   CE   Literacy
   CF   Reading and story telling
DLibraries as physical collections
   DA   World libraries
   DB   National libraries
   DC   Public libraries
   DD   Academic libraries
   DE   School libraries
   DF   Government libraries
   DG   Private libraries
   DH   Special libraries
     \ DHA      Special libraries, corporate
     \ DHB      Special libraries, nonprofit
   DI   Science libraries
   DJ   Technical libraries
   DK   Health libraries, medical libraries
   DL   Archives
   DM   Museums
EPublishing and legal issues
   EA   Mass media
   EB   Publishing
     \ EBA      Printing
     \ EBB      Electronic publishing
     \ EBC      Broadcasting
   EC   Bookselling
   ED   Intellectual property and copyright
   EE   Intellectual freedom
   EF   Censorship
   FA   Cooperation
   FB   Marketing
   FC   Finance
   FD   Public relations
   FE   Personnel management
   FF   Funding
   FG   Local government
   FH   Reorganization
   FI   Unitary authorities
   FJ   Records management
   FK   Knowledge management
GLIS industry, profession and education
   GA   Information industry
   GB   Software industry
   GC   Computer and telecommunication industry
   GD   Organizations
   GE   Library staff
   GF   Biographies
   GG   LIS curriculum aspects
   GH   Librarian education
   GI   Training
HInformation sources, supports, channels
   HA   Periodicals, newspapers
     \ HAA      Periodicals
     \ HAB      Newspapers
   HB   Gray literature
   HC   Archival materials
   HD   Rare books and manuscripts
   HE   Print materials
   HF   Microforms
   HG   Non-print materials
   HH   Audio-visual, multimedia materials
   HI   Electronic media
   HJ   CD-ROM
   HK   Online hosts
   HL   Databases and database networking
   HN   Electronic journals
   HO   Electronic books
   HQ   Web pages
   HR   Portals (web pages)
   HS   Institutional repositories
     \ HSA      Open Archives Initiative compliance
IInformation treatment for information services
   IA   Cataloging, bibliographic control
   IB   Content analysis
     \ IBA      Content analysis in abstracting and indexing
     \ IBB      Classification and classification schemes
   IC   Index languages, processes and schemes
   ID   Data and metadata structures
   IE   Knowledge representation
   IF   Information retrieval
     \ IFA      Information transfer protocols
     \ IFB      Information transfer formats
     \ IFC      Information transfer techniques
   IG   Information presentation, hypertext and hypermedia
   IH   Image systems
   II   Filtering
   IJ   Reference linking
   IK   Design, development, implentation and maintenance
     \ IKA      Information systems design and development
     \ IKB      Information systems maintenance
JTechnical services
   JA   Acquisitions
     \ JAA      Collection development
     \ JAB      Vendor cataloging
   JB   Serials management
     \ JBA      Serials cataloging
     \ JBB      Continuing resources
   JC   Withdrawals
   JD   Stocktaking, inventory control
   JE   Record keeping
   JF   Paper preservation
   JG   Digitization
   JH   Digital preservation
   JI   Circulation
   JJ   Document delivery
   JK   Interlibrary loan
KHousing technologies
   KA   Resource centers
   KB   Library, archive and museum buildings
   KC   Furniture
   KD   Vehicles
   KE   Architecture
   KF   Facility design, planning, removal
   KG   Safety
   KH   Disaster planning
LInformation and library technology
   LA   Telecommunications
   LB   Computer networking
   LC   Internet (and World Wide Web)
   LD   Computers
   LE   Scanners
   LF   Digital cameras
   LG   Photocopiers
   LH   Computer and network security
   LI   Authentication and network security
   LJ   Computer software
   LK   Computer software methodologies and engineering
   LL   Automated language processing
   LM   Automatic text retrieval
   LN   Database management systems
   LO   Object-oriented database management systems
   LP   Intelligent agents
   LQ   Library automation systems
     \ LQA      Integrated library systems
   LR   OPAC systems
   LS   Search engines
MPatron services
   MA   Reference services
     \ MAA      Online reference
   MB   Programming and event planning
   MC   Intercultural relations
   RA   Audio-visual reviews
     \ RAA      Audio-visual reviews, for adults
     \ RAC      Audio-visual reviews, for children
     \ RAY      Audio-visual reviews, for young adults
   RB   Book reviews
     \ RBA      Book reviews, for adults
     \ RBC      Book reviews, for children
     \ RBY      Book reviews, for young adults
   RC   Serials reviews
     \ RCA      Serials reviews, for adults
     \ RCC      Serials reviews, for children
     \ RCY      Serials reviews, for young adults
   RE   Electronic resources reviews
     \ REA      Electronic resources reviews, for adults
     \ REC      Electronic resources reviews, for children
     \ REY      Electronic resources reviews, for young adults

This classification schedule was adapted from the JITA Classification Schema of Library and Information Science, used at the E-LIS Repository.