Completely true or totally rant-worthy?

“It’s as if libraries were designed to keep ideas apart.”

David Weinberger’s Tech Talk discussing his new book “Everything is Miscellaneous” (the quote above is spoken at 19:51).

One Response to “Completely true or totally rant-worthy?”

  1. Jenny Parsons Says:

    Can I choose neither? This is a good example of a straw man.

    Weinberger spends about 20 minutes describing how the nature of physical objects inspires us to classify them, or keep them apart. When he turns this to libraries, he mentions that that they have to keep things apart- because they’re full of physical objects (at least, they are onsite. They have electronic resources as well, but of course those are never mentioned).

    I’m also a bit intrigued that the library catalog isn’t mentioned at all. Wouldn’t that count at something that isn’t organized in a hierarchical way, but in a way that is interconnected (i.e., with a controlled vocabulary, but linking to added entries)?

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