What type of user are you?

Lee Rainie from the Pew Internet & American Life Project gave a keynote at Internet Librarian 2007 titled “2.0 & the Internet World”.

In his presentation, he cited 10 major user groups:

Omnivores - 8% of population: More information gadgets, use voraciously
Connectors - 7% of popl. : More females than males
Lackluster Veterans - 8% of pop: frequent users, more males,
Productivity Enhancers - 8%: 40ish, like how tech helps them DO
Mobile Centrics: 10% - Love their cell phone. But not early adopters.
Connected but Hassled: 10% - High level of connectivity, cell phone, but they dont like it.
Inexperienced experimenters: 8% - Will occasionally take advantage of tech, but will sometimes try something
Light but satisfied: 15% - fine with what they have, don’t need any more. Mid 50s. Tech is not central to their lives.
Indifferents: 11% - I don’t like this stuff. Proudly disassociated from tech.
Off the network: 15% - don’t have cellphone, not on the net, nada.

To which group do you belong? Do your peers? Do most library patrons?

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  1. beckyjean Says:

    I’m an omnivore according to the quiz. I don’t know how I’d be so productive or stay in touch as well as I do without technology. I’ve conducted group projects over blogs, we’re doing a staff training manual on a wiki, and I communicate with at least 50% friends almost exclusively through gmail chat. I think most of my peers are in this group as well. Maybe not so much on the production side of things, but I think for many of my friends and patrons (I work at the undergrad library on campus) technology has become a way of life.

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