The bibliogblogo… whut?

How many blogs do you read on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly?
Do you use an RSS aggregator like Bloglines, a mash-up site like Netvibes, or do you do just travel around the web visiting each site?
According to Meredith Farkas and her annual Survey of the Biblioblogosphere, we librarian-types subscribe to between 16 and 40 blogs!
Do you think blogs are just technological navel-gazing, or do they really serve a purpose? And which purpose would that be?

3 Responses to “The bibliogblogo… whut?”

  1. Matt Church Says:

    I’m a fan of ’s RSS Reader. Integrates well with their other offerings. Good stuff.

  2. beckyjean Says:

    Me too. I’ve got about 15 feeds. Sometimes I miss heading to the site itself, so I do just to see what else is on there. But I like integrating News and Blog searches into my RSS feed, especially for sports!

  3. Linda Says:

    Well I use Sage Reader and Blog lines..often times I get so many feeds I kinda ignore them.. but I normally do look at it once in a while. I get RSS feeds for friend’s blogs, interest in cooking, technology, video games and librarian blogs.

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